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Xpand® Laces Original No-Tie

Xpand® Laces Original No-Tie

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Never have to worry about un-tied laces again. Simply install your Xpand® Lacing System with the desired tension and slip-on / slip-off with no hassles day after day.   

Features and benefits of an Xpand® Lacing System

  • WORKS FOR EVERYONE: Over 1,500,000 Xpand® units sold with satisfied users from all over the world. No-tie laces work great for kids, adults, seniors and everyone in-between. Perfect for runners, walkers, athletes, and people with disability.
  • COMFORTABLE: The elastic, zero-memory, no-tie laces automatically adjust with your feet to provide you with the highest level of comfort. 
  • CUSTOM STRETCH FIT: Xpand® Laces work on all types of shoes and boots as you simply trim off the excess ends.
  • LACES LOCKED IN PLACE: Xpand® Lacing System utilizes a patented Lace Anchor locks to firmly secure our elastic laces. No need to adjust after your initial installation, the Lace Anchor are specially designed to hold your desired lace tension.
  • WORK IN ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS: They work in both sub-freezing and extremely hot temperatures without compromising performance.
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