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Wild Woods Foraging Bag

Wild Woods Foraging Bag

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A vintage-inspired bushcraft essential, this rustic canvas pouch is ideal for foraging. Stow mushrooms, herbs and other flora into this protective bag until you're ready to harvest them over the campfire. 

Features of the Wild Woods Foraging Bag:

  • Generous size: 22 cm x 22 cm 
  • Can be collapsed for compact storage: Becomes a fully contained small square that can easily be stored within a pocket or within a camp kit. Fold the bag into thirds and then thirds again and secure with the imitation leather flap, pressing firmly on the button.
  • Durable: Constructed of tight woven canvas so nothing escapes
  • Easy to use: Simply pull on either end of drawstrings to secure
  • Reusable: Simply wipe clean to re-use
  • Multi-functional: Use to store all sorts of items, or go plastic-free in the produce aisle at the grocery store

Dimensions: 22 cm x 22cm (when unfolded)
Dimensions: 10 cm x 8 cm (folded)
Weight: 118 grams


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