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Pro-Adventurer Compression Sack

Pro-Adventurer Compression Sack

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Bulk is just as important as weight. So whenever you pack, use this handy ripstop nylon compression sack to squeeze your clothing, tent or sleeping bag small. Perfect for backcountry expeditions, as well as packing in your carry-on for quick getaways. We're betting you'll want to own more than one. 

  • Pack it all
  • 10L of space
  • Don't worry about leaving clothes behind
  • Become a pro backpack packer
  • Mutliple uses (stuff sack for towels, sleeping bag, blankets, etc)
  • Large enough for a sleeping bag or three-person backpacking tent (without poles)

How to use a compression sack: 

  1. Pack items into the cavity of the sack
  2. Cinch the drawstring and secure with the toggle
  3. Place the cap across the top, ensuring straps are equally spaced 
  4. Cinch one strap half-way and then do the same on the opposing side. Cinch the final two half-way, once again ensuring the top of the sack is equally distributed. 
  5. Pull each of the four straps taut to complete compression. 

Dimensions: Approximately 30 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm when stuffed. 

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