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Firesteel Fire Starter Rod

Firesteel Fire Starter Rod

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Get back to basics; the Firesteel Fire Starter Rod eliminates your reliance on batteries, matches, lighter fluid or flint to start a fire. What's more, it starts fires in all circumstances, from sub zero temperatures, humidity and altitudes—conditions that challenge butane and matches. 

Simply scrape the coating to reveal the full-size ferro rod, then strike to create a hot spark. Lightweight and compact, it easily stows away in a pocket or survival kit. Use Firesteel to start campfires and light candles or stoves. 

The Firesteel Fire Starter Rod features

  • A high quality Ferrocerium rod and a steel striker
  • The striker doubles as a six-function multi-tool that includes a straight-edge striker, tinder scraper, map scale, ruler, hex wrench and bottle opener
  • An ergonomic handle with thumb indentations for a strong, secure grip
  • Affixed together with a cord so the striker and rod aren't accidently separated or lost. 

Total dimensions
: 11cm x 4 cm x 6 mm
Striker length: 7 cm
Weight: 150 grams

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