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Camper Essential Clothesline

Camper Essential Clothesline

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There’s nothing worst than wet gear in the outdoors. With a Camper Essential Clothesline, gone are the days of slow-drying towels and bathing suits slung haphazardly atop your tent or on tree branches.

Features of the Camper Essential Clothesline:

  • Two stainless steel hooks: The clothesline is anchored by two sturdy hooks that you use to secure to the endpoints 
  • Sturdy, elastic cord: The line measures 1.8 metres but stretches to 3 metres (6 feet to 10 feet)
  • 13 Adjustable toggles: The toggles ensure that the clips remain evenly spaced so that wet items remained vented and don't bunch together
  • 12 polythene-coated hooks: Spring-loaded, non-slip clips tightly grip onto items and are rust-resistant
  • Multi-functional: Use at the campsite (front-country or backcountry), while travelling, road tripping, RVing or even at home
  • Space saving: Wind the clothesline up into a compact bundle which can easily be stowed in a backpack pocket
  • Dry a variety of items: Towels, clothing, socks, bathing suits, a tent fly, lifejackets, dry bagsbivvies, BUFFs, gaiters and more

Length: 1.8 metres; stretches to 3 metres. (6 – 10 feet)
Weight: 187 grams

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