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Sick of painful, sudden blisters on hikes and adventures? The solution is here—and it's natural, simple and effective: Blistwool. 

The adventurous idea for BlistWool originated from a traditional use of wool for trekking in places like New Zealand. Rather than using plastic, disposable blister bandages, BlistWool offers an environmentally-friendly, natural option for explorers who want to keep bagging peaks without suffering from red, raw blisters.

BlistWool is:

  • Natural moisture absorption for sweaty days on the trail
  • The perfect lightweight hiking companion for your feet
  • Anti-bacterial and friction-reducing for preventing hot spots and blisters
  • Easy, quick and comfortable to use
  • Made from 100 per cent wool from Canadian sheep
  • Compostable

No more foot discomfort, all of the adventure. 


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