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Backcountry Multi-Use Trowel

Backcountry Multi-Use Trowel

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Lightweight and eminently useful, the Backcountry Multi-Use Trowel can help you put out campfires, dig catholes, clear tent sites and more. It's a useful gift for campers, backpackers, hikers, gardeners, anglers and survivalists. 

Features of the Backcountry Multi-Use Trowel

  • Multifunctional: There's more than meets the eye; this trowel boasts a saw, bottle opener, ruler, nail extractor, hex wrench and a Paracord-wrapped handle. Short a tent peg? Use the trowel in a pinch! 
  • Solid, lightweight construction: Made from high-strength, durable stainless steel, this trowel is resistant to wear and tear. 
  • Sturdy, comfortable grip: Not only is the Paracord handy for survival or emergency situations, it offers a more comfortable grip than a conventional garden spade. 
  • Doubles as a cutting tool: A serrated edge slices through soil and all other things you might need to cut in a pinch at the campsite: cordage, small branches, etc. 
  • Includes a protective, nylon camouflage carrying case with a belt loop. 

Dimensions: 25cm x 10 cm 
Weight: 200 grams

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