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18-in-1 Survival Essential Multi-Tool

18-in-1 Survival Essential Multi-Tool

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Why carry 18 tools when you can bring just one? The 18-in-1 Survival Essential Multi-Tool is like carrying a toolbox in your pocket or glove box. A survival essential, it’s the perfect gift for the adventurer in your life.

Features of the 18-in-1 Survival Essential Multi-Tool:

  • Versatile: An incredible number of tools tucked into one single gear item, including needle nose pliers, a safety hammer, saw, pipe grip pliers, cable cutter, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, wrench, scale, file, rope cutter and more
  • Durable: Made from high-quality, hardened stainless steel that is durable , corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant
  • Secure: Features a safety lock so that it won’t accidently open
  • Ergonomic: The folding handle features a comfortable grip
  • Practical: Useful at the campsite, while hiking, picnicking, fishing, for bushcraft and even at home
  • Portable: Features a belt clip
  • Comes with a protective sheath

Dimensions (folded): 11 cm x 5 cm x 3 cm (4.3 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch)
Weight: 270 grams


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